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Actionable advice to start your new health path. Coming Soon.


Vitamins, Minerals and Special Factors... Coming Soon!


Tech tool to learn how your body is  distributing its energy. TBA.


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Imagine your body is like a car and you are the driver. Every car needs gasoline to run, an antifreeze to cool down, oil to lubricate, a charged battery to start the engine and light the way, new paint and polishing to protect from rain, wind and dust.

Every single car needs this and more for proper healthy functioning.

You may be the most skillful driver in the world but can´t drive a broken down car.


This is best explained by using a Car Analogy:


You will quickly feel a boost in energy; a clearer mind to focus and concentrate; eliminating cravings and munchies; breaking free from addictions; silencing the pain and discomfort. 

You will feel your most pressing issues reduced. Notice a drop in harsh judgments and stress; feel and channel your anger. Balance out your love and fear, and safely connect with yourself and others. 

It is a result based practice. You can expect noticeable changes within 2 weeks time and very marked changes within 10 weeks time.


The Fenix Program can become a life transforming experience if you're looking for significant improvement in any of these areas: 

Mental And Emotional Wellbeing:


Are you feeling anxiety, a lack of concentration and memory problems?

Would you like to have more motivation, focus and emotional stability?

Nutrition & Sleep

Are you feeling low energy, extreme fatigue, high food cravings or addictions?


Has sleep become an issue and wake up feeling unrested?

Med-Free Life

Are you feeling frustrated after using typical mainstream methods that haven't resolved your issues? 

You can claim your health in a much better way.

Pain or Discomfort

Are you feeling pain and discomfort in any part of your body?


Do you have previous injuries that don’t seem to heal?


When should you learn how to improve our self-driving skills? When should we step on the breaks to slow down? What traffic signs should we pay attention to and what do they mean?


Learning life sustaining practices and grounding mindsets will harmonize your interaction with the world and will provide you with the smoothest and most pleasurable ride!

The Fenix Program is all about skillful driving and maintaining your body vehicle functioning at it´s best!


Would you like to keep your body vehicle in the healthiest functioning state so you can always reach your preferred destination?

Health, Orthomolecular Supplementation and Essential Nutrition

1. Orthomolecular Supplementation and Special Factors
2. Essential and Functional Nutrition
3. Cooking methods and eating behavior
4. Physical Activity, Environmental Factors and Body Circadian Rhythms
5. Intermittent Fasting, Prolonged Fasting and Juicing
6. Heavy Metal and Toxin Chelation Method

Schedule your introductory appointment.


Would you like to improve your skillful driving so you can enjoy a smooth and
more pleasurable journey?

Behavioral reprogramming, emotional trauma, habits and lifestyle.

1. Fenix Emotional Freedom Technique
▫ Emotional House Cleansing
▫ Words, thoughts and understanding symbols
▫ Time Structuring, Life Scripts, Mental Hygiene
▫ Drama triangle and Social interaction
▫ Goal Setting, peak performance and Competition
▫ Sleep Performance, Hygiene / Rest and Repair

2. Meditation Grounding, Harmonizing and Projecting.
3. Heart Math, HRV Biofeedback and Cardiac Resonant Frequency
4. Biowell – Bioelectrography Measurement
5. Integrative Neurofeedback / Alpha Theta Deep States

​Schedule your introductory appointment.

How Will The Program Benefit Me?

1. You will quickly feel a boost in energy to do what you like; a clearer mind to focus and
concentrate on your activities; finally quenching the never ending cravings and
munchies; breaking free from ever taxing addictions; silencing the pain and discomfort
that has limited your joy and peace to live your life as you choose. Observe your gasoline
gauge FULL once more after you service your body vehicle.
2. You will feel your most pressing issues reduced and disappearing. Notice a drop in
harsh judgments and stress; feel and channel your anger to avoid overheating and high
pressure buildup; balance out your love and fear, so you can enjoy a safely connecting
with yourself and with others. Take hold of your own driving wheel, so you can drive in
the direction you desire the most.
3. You can expect noticeable changes within two weeks time and very marked changes
within 10 weeks time. In most cases, you can start noticing changes within 3 days.

Choose the journey you think works and feels best for you.

All components start with your introductory appointment. During that appointment together we can determine the best route for your healing.

During my childhood until I was a young adult I continuously suffered from epilepsy, asthma, severe food sensitivities and allergies. I felt powerless and had no energy. It was so severe that I couldn´t focus on anything and I constantly felt terrible. I was sent to countless doctors, clinics and hospitals but no medication or treatment ever worked. 


I had no other option left but to take matters into my own hands.


I embarked on a journey to educate myself about my own body vehicle and I started to think about my own skillful driving. I did this by paying attention to my body vehicle's own signaling messages. Subsequently I started to learn how to consider and follow these signals and how to improve my own driving skills. 

I managed to free myself from these limiting shackles. I started to successfully drive my body vehicle towards freedom and an empowered wellbeing. If I managed to achieve this skillful driving and taking care of my body vehicle myself, I am convinced that you can manage this as well. 

It is my mission and passion to show you how to achieve this yourself by means of the Fenix Program.

Certificates and Certifications:


  • Orthomolecular Medicine (International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine)

  • Nutrition and Heart Disease and Diabetes (Wageningen University and Research)

  • Nutrition and Cancer (Wageningen University and Research)

  • Nutrition in Macronutrients and Overnutrition (Wageningen University and Research)

  • Nutrition in Micronutrients and Malnutrition (Wageningen University and Research)

  • Functional Neurology (National University of Health & Sciences | IANFR)

  • Functional Biology (Institute for Human Biology)

Applied methodologies:

  • Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Universe)

  • Heartmath Mentor and Coach (Heartmath Institute)

  • HRV Biofeedback and Resonant Frequency (Stens Corporation)

  • Neurofeedback Clinical Practitioner (Newmind Academy)

  • Bio-electrography Trainer and Expert User (Biowell)

  • Assessing Sleep Performance Tool - (Institute For Human Biology)


Certified Integrative Health and Behavioral Advisor


Here is some of my background:

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